The Art of Travel...Who can be sure of having mastered it completely? What are the factors that will make you remember a trip for years to come? Does it come down to the perfect itinerary, the right season or weather, the correct choice between a solo trip and a group trip? Although the notion of exploring a country of your choice on your own can be tempting, it also presents many logistical pitfalls. It may involve long hours wasted in even longer lines of like-minded tourists, all jostling to get into the same museum, castle or park at the same time as you…You will need to make important decisions concerning which hotel to stay in or which restaurant you think will provide good but inexpensive food, not to mention how to get from one place to the next…Of course, there is always the option of a casual, aimless stroll through the streets of a city or selecting a comfortable perch at an outdoor cafe with a cup of your favourite beverage, watching the local life go by – and although this is quite relaxing, you could miss many interesting sights this way!

Going on a group trip has many advantages and eliminates many common problems and worries. The only thing required of you is to choose the right tour company and find experienced coordinators whom you can trust with all the details. It is our pleasure to introduce you to one such company, which we use for our annual fabulous summer trip, White Nights in Glorious Saint Petersburg and Scandinavia Cruise.

The world of travel is amazing and opens tremendous opportunities for new experiences like no other: Europe, Scandinavia, China, Australia and Japan, Alaska, Cuba and Dominican Republic, Malta and Aruba…Paris, London, Rome, Venice…so

many places that promise so many unforgettable adventures!

Nevertheless, consider a trip offered to the Russian-speaking community of Canada, known as the White Nights in Glorious Saint Petersburg and Scandinavia Cruise. This trip takes place only once a year and is organized by the Board of the St. Petersburg-Canada Magazine on Culture, Arts, and Tourism. Thanks to our business and cultural ties to Russia, we are able to offer this most interesting and culturally enriching trip at a very special cost. Compare the prices and programs of similar tours offered by any Canadian travel service to see the advantage.

We have made sure that your trip is perfectly planned down to the smallest details; and to make up for the long connected flight and time difference, we have also included two other countries en route to Russia: Finland and Sweden. Of course, we emphasize the experience in St. Petersburg - the city many of you have been dreaming of visiting. You can expect a carefully thought-out program and tours with experienced professional guides who have extensive backgrounds in history, culture, and the arts.

We will fly from Toronto directly to Helsinki by FinnAirO. There we will stay overnight in a 4-star hotel in the centre of the capital of Finland, where we will be pampered with all the amenities needed to relax and refresh after the long transatlantic flight. After a good night’s rest, a delicious breakfast and a guided tour of Helsinki, we will board a 14-deck ferry boat that looks more like a 5-star hotel, which will take us on a cruise of the Baltic waters to Stockholm, Sweden and back. In addition to the pleasure of the top-notch service and entertainment onboard, we will also have a full-day guided tour of the Swedish capital.

Upon our return to Helsinki, we will board a high-speed Allegro train, which will take us to St. Petersburg in just three and a half hours.

There, we will experience the historic spirit of the old St. Petersburg from the very first day of our visit. We will spend a week at the Happy Pushkin, a boutique hotel in an old mansion located on the English promenade facing the Neva River. The spacious rooms of this establishment bear the names of those female contemporaries of the great Russian poet Alexandr Pushkin, who left their footprints in his life and work - or sometimes – in his heart. The description of each room contains a short historical note on its namesake and her connection to Pushkin’s name. The superb amenities are worthy of a highly rated hotel anywhere in the world. A buffet breakfast is included; and you can also order breakfast from the room service at no extra cost.

Although one week is too short a time to learn everything there is to know about this magical and venerable city, the program will cover most of its highlights - the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, and all of its world-famous churches, palaces, and fortresses.

We will take a walk in a beautiful park during a white night, drink champagne, and watch the drawbridges raised and lowered again. We will sail the rivers and canals of this “Northern Venice”, and much, much more.

Come with us and see all these numerous unforgettable sights for yourself – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian,

Tour Director


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