Nina Stozhkova

Piano tuner

# 30 2010

- “And can I walk from the subway station to your place?” A male voice timidly acquired through the receiver.
- “Yes, you can, but it will take a long time, about twenty minutes,” Alla sounded surprised, and then said: “If the intercom does not work, please call me on my mobile.”
“But I haven't got a mobile,” confessed the stranger, and added: “Please do not worry, Alla. I will be able to get into the building; the doors are often open.”
"It’s clear; he doesn’t even have money for the bus-ticket,” guessed Alla. “Well, Veronika, well my friend, you dug out a man for me!"

Anna Sochrina

Frau Kats and frau Gogel

# 31 2010

On Fridays, Frau Kats went to clean Frau Fogel’s mansion.
Five years ago in Petersburg, Frau Kats was called Klara Lvovna, and was the head manager of the supply department for a building company. She worked in a big office with fretted ceilings in an old-style Petersburg detached house, with “three telephone receivers on her head,” as her secretary, Irochka, put it. Sometimes, it was a

gentle convincing whisper, sometimes a shout, a request, a threat, or even a bossy metallic voice, that advantaged the company, and allowed the necessary amounts of brick and cement to be delivered.

Anna Sokhrina

The Benefit of Tasty and Healthy Food

№ 32 2010

“How, they used to eat in Vinnitsa! Scrupulously and in great detail…. You can’t even imagine the forshmak and kneidlakh Jewish women from Ukraine can make! Try it once – remember it for the rest of your life…”
Such was a fragment of a conversation overheard around the table at a noisy and unruly immigrant party – the fragment that touched me on a tangent but still dragged in its tow a chaotic trail of associations and colourful images of my life. What I remembered was mainly a comically happy show with my cousin Marinka in the principal role.

Eduard Ulan

A manuscript discovered in London

(The author’s autobiography – S.T.)

# 35 2011

- Dear Sofia, I was very happy and honoured to find my work on the cover of your prestigious magazine. It looks striking, beautiful, and very different. I hope that the spirit of my friend Rudolf will be also happy with his portrait appearance in the world! Especially considering that he liked this artistic image very much. I am very grateful to you.
With your consent please find enclosed my novel A Manuscript discovered in London. There are chapters in it concerning Rudolf Nureyev. I wish you all the best in your life and success in your noble work.
- Eduard Ulan-Dmitrenko

Anna Sokhrina

The countess

# 35 2011

That summer we turned fourteen. We were tall, good-looking, and well developed and we wore short skirts that were all the rage at the time. We attended the Literary Club at the Young Pioneers’ Palace. Lenka used to write poetry:
“We long for some romantic powers,
For words mysterious, but - alas!
We long for bright and lovely flowers
But we see around us only grass”.
They praised Lenka as a young and promising talent.

Anna Sokhrina

A road to the Dead sea

# 36 2011

A muzzled camel strolled pensively along the beach at the edge of the water.
“What is the muzzle for? My daughter inquired. “To stop him from spitting?”
What’ left from that trip to Israel was a pack of shiny photographs showing Mashka and me smeared with the famous healing dirt of the Dead Sea (God, how soft it makes your skin – like a baby’s bottom!) and laughing into the camera.

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