Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian
Ella Samoilenko

Russian jeweller Andrei Ananov

# 29 2010

“Had I followed the advice of my sailor friends, I could have become a professional sailor. I could have completed my university studies and become a qualified physicist. With the education of theatre director, I could have put on shows or taught students at the Theatrical Institute. Ultimately, I could have drowned myself in the bottle, committed suicide and vanished, just as many talented people of my generation vanished. But I was lucky, I survived, I found my path and managed to create a formula for immortality; a few grams of gold, a little enamel, a few diamonds, a little bit of one’s soul and a dusting of inspiration. And on all this, the Russian hallmark ‘Ananov’.”
So writes Andrei Ananov in his autobiography, «Two Aces in the Bank», which amazes with its sincerity and could only have been written by a very brave and strong willed man.

From the editor

Prince Alexander Mikhailovich Gorchakov

“You’re still the same for honour and your friends!”

# 1 (38) 2012

“You, Gorchakov – born lucky to the end,
Praise be to you! For Fortune’s chilly gleaming
Have not

traduced within your soul your

You’re still the same for honour and your friend!”
- Alexander Pushkin, October 19, 1825

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