Alexandra Grigorieva

Olivye Salad, a short Bio

# 31, 2010

One of the most popular salads in Russia was reputedly

created in Moscow by a French (or
Belgian, sources vary) chef, Lucien Olivier in the second

half of the 19th century.

Olivier opened
“Hermitage Olivier”, a luxury French restaurant in the centre of Moscow that became immensely
popular with profligate members of Russian aristocracy and the inimitable Olivier salad was one
of the menu highlights.

Alexandra Grigorieva

Merry Shrovetide, St. Petersburg style

# 34 2011

We’ve called our new gastronomic feature Gastronomes’ Almanac to commemorate the work of I.M.
Radetsky. He served as a maitre d'hotel to Maximilian, Duke of Leuchtenberg (adoptive grandson
of Napoleon) who resided in St. Petersburg after his marriage to the daughter of tsar Nicholas I. Radetsky’s
Gastronomes’ Almanac cookbook was published in St. Petersburg in three volumes (1852-1855). Such
title, an homage to Grimod de la Reyniere’s seminal Almanach des Gourmands (1803-1812), showed that
the author was no stranger to the French gastronomic tradition.

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