Olga Bronnikova

Silver runglet: Russian silverware of the 18th century

#30 2010

Welcome to my page, dear friends!
The magazine “Saint Petersburg” Canada is launching a new column, “From Personal Collections,” and I am honored
to be the column editor. I would like to share my love of collecting with you, esteemed readers, for I became collectionstruck
long ago when living in Petersburg and working as a museam curator.
I am sure that there is at least one object in every home that represents a piece of history – whether it is an old photo
from a family album, or a beautiful rug handmade by your grandmother. It might be a small porcelain cup you gently
touch now and then, or a silver wineglass you use for celebrations and important family events. Some of you may be
collecting old postcards or antique coins. They all are particles of earthly life, bearing the imprints of the days gone,
speechless witnesses of the past.

Mark Isaev

A look inside Tsar’s palace treasure

# 32 2010

If you were to ask Greg Montana the question about how he got started buying and selling Russian imperial antiques he would

tell you that it a began in his youth with a burning desire to know more about the last imperial family of the Romanov dynasty. Quite randomly, about twenty years ago, Greg picked up the book, “Nicholas and Alexandra” by Robert Massie and that is how it all began

Olga Bronnikova

Fly the dove of peace, fly…
A ceramic plate by Pablo Picasso

# 35 2011

Dear Friends,
Today, our column “From Private Collections” will take you on yet another remarkable journey. The source of this journey is a single object that has been in the care of one family for years.
This issue of our magazine will be published in May. Our childhood memory obligingly offers us the association between the words May and Peace. We grew up in the Soviet society therefore, for us, May is always equivalent to PEACE.

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