Sophia Dmitriva-Tovmassian

Madeline Ziniak: “I did it my way”

# 29 2010

Dear readers, in our column «Persona» we are presenting an exclusive interview with Vice President of the television channel OMNI-OMNI-2, President of the “Canadian Ethnic Media Association,” Madeline Ziniak. For over a quarter of a century this organization defends the
rights of various ethnic groups to preserve their language and cultural traditions.
- Madam Ziniak, your business expertise and service to the community are recognized at the highest level. The editorial board is pleased to join others in congratulating you on the award of the Order of Canada, the highest civilian award in the country.
Let me, however, begin our conversation with a slightly different question. How is it that such a delicate, beautiful woman achieved this position, which usually sees a strong man?

Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian

How small the world has become!

# 30 2010

Send a friend on the other end of the world an e-mail and before you have a moment to finish the morning coffee, you receive the answer ...
In an age of technological progress "everything is close by," and all "becomes possible”: to discuss with your student son who went to study in another country, his anxieties and worries, to read to your granddaughter her favourite book at night by Skype and check her school assignment in English and mathematics ... Maintain friendly contact with family and friends, despite the distance.

Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian

Frank talk with Luba Cherny

# 32 2010

To live so that there is no time to reflect on the meaning of life.
Makes you dart along all the time, and leave others to catch up with you.
- Luba Cherny

From the ditor

A great tradition over the centuries

Sergey Pavlenko

# 32 2010

One of the most memorable events of the outgoing

summer was a 9-day-long visit to Canada by Queen Elizabeth the Second. The schedule was comprehensive. “Troops, sports, technology, entertainment, culture – this tour included various aspects of intergovernmental relations,” said Robert Finch, chief operating officer of the Monarchist League of Canada. “I was especially happy to see so many regular Canadians have a chance to see the Queen and Prince Phillip.” Many of us indeed had a unique opportunity to see the Queen up close and even present her with a flower bouquet or a gift.

Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian

A candid intervi

ew with the Canadian professor, applauded by the President of Russia

# 37 2011

Mr. Durrant, allow me to add my congratulations to the many kudos you have received upon being awarded the prestigious Russian state decoration – the Pushkin Medal, and to ask you some questions.

- You are a scholar with an international reputation, and a member of the academic elite of Canada and other countries. Just the same – what did you feel at that solemn moment when you stood beside the President of Russia at the formal ceremony?

- First, let me thank you for the congratulations, compliments and kind words. Of course, you are right – this was a great event…

From Editor

Boris Eifman – the man behind modern Russian ballet

# 36 2011

BORIS EIFMAN is one of the few, if not the only, Russian choreographer, who has been continuing active creative work for decades. Perhaps none of his contemporaries can take pride in such achievements. There are more than forty performances on the director’s account. He is a five times Laureate of the theatrical award of Saint-Petersburg “Golden Soffitto”, received the independent prize “Triumph”,

the State Prize of Russia “For contribution the development of modern arts”, the highest spiritual award of Russia’s children – the Order “Peace and Harmony”, became the “Chevalierde l’order des Arts et des lettres de France”, the People’s Artist of Russia title and many other prizes and titles.

From the editor

The dream: A World from Guy Laliberte

# 36 2011

We all drink from the same well. Water is our common bond, uniting us as human beings and as citizens
of this planet. And yet, while water flows abundantly in some parts of the world, in others it is a source of
poverty, sickness and death.

Every eight seconds , a child dies for lack of drinking water. Isn 't that sufficient reason to take action?

For years, I roamed the planet as a street performer. Earning a living in the streets put me in touch with the
poverty and distress of thousands of men, women and children. A little naively, no doubt, I told myself that the world would be a better place if its six billion inhabitants would all put on clown noses… In time, that dream
became Cirque du Soleil.

From the editor

Sankt-Petersburg Opera

Occupation as destiny: Yury Alexandrov

# 36 2011

photo and text pg 33

Vladimir Yemelyanenko

Mikhail Piotrovsky: “Museums keep people from turning into plants”.

# 1(38) 2012

– Mikhail Borisovich, have you ever had to hear or read that you are an opponent of cultural modernization? Why?
– I can't oppose something that’s already obvious – the development of the cultural process cannot be stopped. However, I do see a problem in the fact that, more and more often, we hear that culture is a resource for modernization. I would ask people to remember that modernization is merely a part of culture, and not the other way around. Things have already been the other way around in Russia. And more than once, for that matter.

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