Marsa Gershtein

For need of the dance

# 31, 2010

I don't want dancers who want to dance; I want dancers who need to dance. - George Balanchine
Dance is

the hidden language of the soul of the body. - Martha Graham
My first Canadian Nutcracker happened light years ago. Not realizing yet that this

event was the traditional staple of the holiday season I hurried to buy a ticket forgoing the usual thriftiness inherent

in a new-immigrant mentality. At the time, Toronto was a rather simple town with no special interest in the ballet – the art form considered the pursuit of the chosen few. Neither there were huge and well-appointed venues for ballet presentations. For those who did want to attend there was an almost new performing arts venue O'Keefe Centre (Sony Centre now).

Marsa Gershtein

This shoe definitely fits!

#32 2010

Didn’t summer just begin? Aren’t we still hearing the applause that accompanied the last shows of the 2009-10 season? Oh, no, how time flies! The trees along the DVP haven’t even started turning – and we are already at the threshold of a new, 2010-11 theatrical season. New shows are brimming just within the still-closed doors of various theatres. The National Ballet of Canada, too, is poised in a well-know ballet position, prepared to be elevated right into the new season.

Sophia Dmitrieva-Tovmassian

Mariinka’s “did you know”:
Stories about the world-famous theatre

# 33 2010

Maybe some of you had a lucky chance to visit the famous Mariinka in person. Many people, if asked to plan a trip to St.Petersburg, pick two destinations – the Hermitage Museum and Mariinka. One can easily imagine the excitement one feels when one crosses the doors and sees the bust of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, after whom the theatre is named, and the adjacent miniature model of the stage, with seats the size of thumbnails, for the first time.

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